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We started Funny Aprons to bring fun and a personal touch to both your everyday and special occasion cooking. Whether if it's gifting a loved one or for personal use. We think that you will love our products.

Why Funny aprons?

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Funny Aprons

Our website is proud to stock a variety of different styles of aprons for you and your family. We have collections that size aprons for both kids and adults. There are many different types of funny aprons you can buy for you or loved ones. We are proud to be both American and Australia owned. We ship globally with our major markets being in United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and European Union nations. If your country is not listed, then contact us.

Our custom funny aprons were created with the goal of adding more joy to an otherwise boring kitchen. These aprons allow you to upload images of your loved ones or pets directly from your phone with our in-house technology. Our designers take care of the cropping and print the final image on top of the apron and shipped directly to you.

We understand that some people also prefer to have written text on the apron with funny sayings or what you might call joke aprons. That is why we created a collection full of funny text aprons. These may cater to groups of people that don't want to have images or photos on their apron. If you can't find what you are looking for or want another custom saying, don't hesitate to contact support through the chat functionality.

We strive to make our aprons as affordable and cheap as possible (without the product being cheap and low quality of course!). There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make our custom funny aprons great for the customer. Once we receive the order, our designers manually remove the background and crop the heads of each person or pet image that you upload.

Upon completion, it is sent to our factory and printed on the aprons one by one. Each apron is made to order and unique, no other person in the world will have the same apron as you do! We think that for all the work that goes into it, the price of USD$34.95 felt fair. Shipping costs vary by region, however we offer free shipping once you hit a certain threshold, check the bar above to see how much you need to spend to qualify for free shipping. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions regarding costs.

Our text aprons are priced at USD$24.95 since the custom designing is not necessary. All of our aprons come in premium polyester that is water-resistant, spill proof and machine washable. We also manually stitch a large pocket which comes in extremely handy when working on the grill or the kitchen, it can hold many items inside the pocket. The color of the apron also doesn't fade after being washed which is generally the issue with many other aprons on the market.

Our aprons are made from premium 100% polyester that allows it to be spill proof - meaning that you can wipe away any dirt or mess easily without having the need to throw it into the wash. Cotton aprons on the other hand are susceptible to having their colors faded after several uses.

Funny Aprons also has adjustable neck straps and long waist bands making it easy to fit people of all shapes and sizes. We haven't had any issues or complaints so far. With over a hundred verified reviews, our customers like that our aprons are water-resistant and also have large pockets. All of our products come with reusable packaging and a personal note from the founders.

We have also developed our very own widget that is super user friendly. We make it super easy to upload photos directly from your phone or desktop with a few simple clicks. We let the customers also fill out any special notes before purchasing so that our designers craft the perfect apron for you.

Yes all of our funny aprons are one size fits all. We are able to do this thanks to our adjustable straps that are made from high grade metal. The side straps are also extra long to accommodate for all shapes and sizes. The only main difference in size that we offer are for kids and adults.

The adult sizes are 34 inches (86 cm) in height and 27 inches (68.5 cm) in width. The waist straps add on another 54 inches (140 cm) of width allowing for a comfortable wrap around the waist.

The kids sizes 24 inches (61 cm) in height and 20 inches (51 cm) in width. The waist straps offer a combined total of additional 24 inches (60 cm) of length around the waist.

Absolutely, we created Funny Aprons as a customizable product initially and then introduced funny text aprons as well as other product ranges. We developed a widget to help our customers easily upload their photos and add in any notes they might have for our graphic designers.

We give you the option to select the background color and the pattern you would like on the apron. We are introducing new designs and patterns all the time. Unfortunately there is no way to preview your uploaded photo as it would require someone to crop out the heads first. We are always happy to give you a preview if you email us the desired color, pattern and your photo before you make a purchase. Our customers have generally been extremely happy with the outcome (over a hundred 5 star reviews).

Feel free to check out what the finished work looks like on our instagram or the reviews to get an idea of what the final product looks like.

Yes we do. Our collection of funny text aprons is continuing to grow as more and more customers give us recommendations. Our funny text aprons come in may different colors with jokes or funny sayings on them. We do not sell images that are copyrighted, however we do encourage our customers to upload photos directly from their phone, these photos generally include their pets or their loved ones. If you have a recommendation or would like to have a different text, then feel free to contact us. 

Yes our aprons are in fact great for baking. We noticed that a lot of people who bake in the kitchen get flour or milk on them. Our aprons allow you to easily remove stains, just get a wet cloth and wipe it off. This makes it great for heavy duty baking, as someone who doesn't like to constantly wash their aprons, our product makes it all the more easier. 

Yes our aprons are perfect for BBQ because of the easy to clean material and the large adjustable pocket. Exercise caution when you are near a fire as you don't want to the apron to catch on fire, our products are not fire-proof, similar to many other aprons out there on the market.

Having said this, a lot of men and women have enjoyed using our products when grilling and barbecuing since there are a lot of friends and family around them. Funny Aprons has always wanted to add more joy to the kitchen and we feel that our products make for great conversation starters as well as bringing a smile to all of our close friends and family members. 

Yes we do, here is our funny oven mitts collection. We initially started out selling funny aprons because we found ourselves cooking more frequently at home. We soon realized how fun it would be to have a matching oven mitt to go with the aprons.

So we introduced the two different types of oven mitts and both have been extremely popular. Here is our standard funny oven mitts and we also have a funny double oven mitts that are lengthier than the standard ones. 

Yes we also offer funny pot holders. These are a great addition to a package when you buy an apron or an oven mitt. We decided to introduce these items because they make for a great gift bundle. Our pot holders are extremely heat resistant and make for a great conversation starter at any dinner table! You can customize these pot holders in a similar fashion to aprons and oven mitts. 

Yes our aprons are suitable for men, they are gender neutral. These aprons have in fact been very popular with men as a lot of people look to purchase funny aprons for men. Many men choose to buy these types of aprons (the customizable ones with faces) for when they are grilling or barbecuing at their backyard. Many of our buyers like the idea of being able to have images of their family members, kids or their pets on the apron. They find it endearing and almost "dad-joke" like.

The funny text aprons have also been very popular with men, more so than women since the funny terminologies have been quite tongue in cheek. We have actually written two extensive gift guides on this here Funny Aprons for Men as well as Funny Aprons for Dad. Check them out!

Similarly to the above answer, our funny aprons are gender neutral and have been enjoyed by women. A lot of moms have also purchased our aprons in the past where they were able to upload images of their kids or partners' faces. They have on several occasions gifted it to their boyfriends and have been received as very thoughtful gifts!

Yes, our aprons can be purchased in quantities greater than 1. Meaning that partners (whether if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend) have purchased multiple aprons with the face or their significant other on one apron and their face on one apron! They make for extremely cute gifts and have been a hit with husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends all around the world! You can also browse our collection of funny aprons for couples here.