Nana Gifts Guide - 40 Thoughtful & Joyful Ideas for All Nonnas and Grandmas – Funny Aprons

Nana Gifts Guide - 40 Thoughtful & Joyful Ideas for All Nonnas and Grandmas

Nana Gifts Guide - 40 Thoughtful & Joyful Ideas for All Nonnas and Grandmas

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Thinking about our sweet Nanas gives us this heartwarming feeling. They radiate immense warmth when they give you a hug, the smell of love that evaporates from their cup of tea; the wrinkles around their eyes that tells you a thousand stories, the veins in her hands that guide you through the journey of life. Who doesn’t love eating a savory piece of candy given by their Nana when their mom isn't looking? Who doesn’t like taking  twenty bucks from their Nana even though their parents tell her not to? 


Well, it is what Nanas do; it is their job to spoil us into becoming who we are today. Our Nanas take every opportunity they can get to spoil us, and we sure love them for it. So what are you going to give them back in return?

How to pick Nana Gifts

Some of you might find it difficult to pick a gift for your sweet-loving Nana. Let’s face it, you don’t fall within the same age group; you probably don’t have the same interests; you most likely don’t share the same hobbies. Well, for one thing, you should consider  your Nonna’s age when picking gifts for her.Buying a gift for a 50-year-old Nonna is definitely not the same as buying a gift for a Nonna in her 70s or 80s. Moreover, you should consider what your budget is. If you have to stick to an allowance, consider buying a group gift for Nonna with your siblings or cousins. Your piggy banks combined should buy Nonna a really special gift. And if you are a working adult, with more than a piggy bank to spare, we’ve got inspirational gift ideas as well.


Nana and Papa Gifts

A great idea that you might take into consideration is buying a matching gift for both Nana and Papa; we don’t want our loving pawpaws to feel left out! Personalised Nana gifts might be your best option in this scenario. Sure, giving them any sort of gift would make Nana and Papa happy, but customized gifts is a sure way to send them over the moon!


When to buy Nana Gifts

You might be looking for Nana gift ideas because it is Nonna’s birthday; or maybe it is Mother’s day; or because Thanksgiving is knocking on our doors. Maybe you want your Nana to feel the love on Valentine’s day; or maybe you’re buying a grandma baby shower gift- in case you were wondering, some people celebrate grandmas to be and throw them a shower with cake and gifts! You also might be looking for Nonna gifts because it is Christmas, or Ramadan, or Hanukkah. And sometimes, the best gifts we receive are those that we recieve without a special occasion; everyday should be Nana’s birthday.


What makes Nana Gifts Unique/ How can you make it special

Personalised Nana Gifts can be a thoughtful idea. It makes Nana feel so special knowing that her gift is one of a kind; we are positive that she will be boasting about it to anyone she sees for a decade. Imagine that look on her adorable face as she opens the gift that no one in the world has but her!


So here is a list of 40 items that we know your Nonna is going to adore,


1-Nana Custom Apron


You can give Nana a custom apron; this can be the perfect gift for Nana to strut around in the kitchen; she could be wearing an apron with your face on it (making a funny facial expression), or a picture of her pet taking a nap...How adorable is that scene? How could it get any cuter you may ask? A matching set for both Nana and Papa. And to top it all, these aprons are water-resistant!


2-Custom Oven Mitts

Imagine how thrilled your Nana would be if you give her custom over mitts? She would be wearing those cute customized mitts with Papa’s face on them, while taking that freshly-baked pie out of the oven, whereas everyone will be wondering where she got them from.


3-Custom Double Oven Mitts 

You can get Nonna custom double oven mitts along with the custom oven mitts, or you can just give her the double mitts solo. You can choose Nonna’s favorite color for the mitts, the pattern on them and any image you think she would like. Does it get any more personal than that? If you put your face on it, she will be sure to show everyone what a great grandkid she has!


4-Custom Pot Holders

Another cute gift for Nonna would be to give her a custom pot holder. Sure, sure, she would be using it to hold pots...but do you know what Papa would use it for? To hold his beer of course, and we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


5-A Warm Knit Blanket

Our Nanas have warmed our hearts since the day we were born; it would be nice if we can return some of the warmth with this unique knit blanket.


6-Personalized Birthstone Necklace

For this personalized necklace, you can choose the color of the stone based on your Nonna’s birthday, and to make it even more personal, you can stamp her initials on it or the initials of her children and grandchildren. 


7-Best Effin Grandma Cup 

Getting her this cup is a guaranteed way to put a smile on her face first thing in the morning, while she is sipping her coffee.  


8-Best Nana Pillow Cover

By giving your Nonna this pillow cover, she will have a small piece of you to cuddle while she is watching the TV, or when she is reading her cookbook. 


9-A Floral Tumbler

This cute floral Tumbler would be the perfect gift for keeping Nana’s tea warm, or for keeping her water cold. 


10-Ceramic Door Sign

You can give your Nana this cute ceramic door sign; she can hang it on her door and remember you everytime she walks in and out of her house.  


11-Grandma Brag Board

Your Nonna can hang this Brag Board on any spot in the house that she likes; she can brag about you and show your pictures to anyone who visits her- and telling them embarrassing stories about you.  


12-Recipe Book: Art of the Pie

For those Nanas who just love to bake and make, this recipe book is the perfect gift. This can also be the perfect gift for Grandpa, who gets to eat all the delicious pie that she makes!


13-Soy Candle

This ceramic soy candle will make Nonna’s house smell like heaven, and what’s even better is that it comes with feet that would protect Nonna’s table from scratching.


14-Electric Tea Kettle

This practical, yet fancy tea kettle is time-saving; Nana can heat up water quickly and easily, and it would look super cute in her little kitchen.


15- Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas

We have been living in the Covid era for the past nine months; we are positive that our sweet Nonnas have had enough and are bored and stuck at home. This guide is a sure way to make her time at home enjoyable.  


16-Red Plaid Grandma Shirt

A cute gift for both Nana and Papa would be a matching set of red plaid shirts; it is the perfect gift for them to look cute and stay warm during the harsh winter months.


17-Faux Fur House Slipper

This cute slipper has a memory foam that would make Nana feel like she is walking on a cloud! In addition, this fur slipper has a special bottom that prevents Nana from slipping.


18-You are my Sunshine Music Box

This gift is especially for grandsons who want a special gift for their Nonnas. When Nana Cranks the music box’s handle, the melody plays along. 


19-Willow Tree Courage Angel

A great gift would be to give your Nana an Angel carved out of a willow tree. This special gift is carved by hand and it is a symbolism of courage. 


20-Reminder Calendar Board

Your Nana can hang this customized Calendar Board on the wall; that way she would never have to feel bad for forgetting your birthday.


21-Baby handprint & Footprint Keepsake

Maybe you just had a baby of your own and you want your mother to feel the love; maybe she still hasn’t seen her grandchild because of the coronavirus. This personal Keepsake is sure to make her the happiest Nana.


22-Hummingbird Wind Chime

This pretty Hummingbird wind chime lights up in various colors when it’s dark; Nana can hang this outdoors and/or indoors.


23-Bambusi Cheese Board and Knife Set

This fancy Cheese Board is made from Bamboo, and it can be the perfect gift for Nana to use when she is having guests over.


24-Yinuo Scented Candles 

The Yinuo Scented Candles Gift Set is a simple, yet wonderful gift for Nonna. This gift set includes four different candles; they smell amazing and they are completely organic! 


25-Electric Wine Opener

The Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener is a fantastic gift for Nana and Papa to celebrate their anniversary; they can use this baby to crack open a bottle of wine.


26-Barbeque Grill Cleaner 

This barbeque grill cleaner is wonderful to help Nana clean the grill; it would save her time and effort. In addition, she can just toss it in the dishwasher after she is done, and she is good to go.


27- Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

The YAHEETECH Outdoor Potting Bench is the perfect gift for Nanas who just adore nature and gardening. If you have more than a piggy bank to spare, this would be The Gift.


28-Bonsai Tree Kit 

This Bonsai starter tree kit has four types of Bonsai tree; it has everything Nana needs to grow this tree. This is also a great gift for Nanas who love gardening. 


 29- Singer Sewing Machine

Some Nanas are known for their super sewing skills; it is true that the sweaters they sew are, well...not complimentary of your figure...but, hey, Nana made this, so you’d better wear it. 


30-Bath and Body Gift Set

The luxurious bath kit is literally the sweetest gift; your Nana can have the spa experience in the comfort of her own home.


31-HINDAWI Winter Package

This three-in-one winter package includes a hat, scarf and gloves. This is an ideal gift for keeping Nana warm in these cold days. Bonus tip: You can get Pawpaw a matching set.


32-Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper can save your Nana some time in the kitchen. Moreover, you can rest assured that she will not be shedding tears while cutting onions. 


33-Happy Wraps Lavender Eye Pillow

This eye pillow can be perfect for warm or cold therapy to take the edge off. What makes this gift more awesome is that it comes with a complimentary sleep eye mask.


34-Matching Lounge Robes

The matching lounge robes can be an ideal gift for Nana and Papa, and their pet as well! Imagine how cute their Christmas card would look this year.


35-Did You Feed the Dog?

The “Did You Feed the Dog” device would help your sweet Nana remember when it’s the time to feed her dog. 


36-Electric Massager Wand

The Electric Massager Wand makes a wonderful gift for Nana; it can be used for neck, shoulders, leg and feet.


37-IRobot Roomba

Having the IRobot Roomba is like having a living maid in the house; it will keep your Nonna’s house clean from all the dust and pet hair. It is an expensive gift, but Nana is definitely worth it.


38-LED Indoor String Lights

Christmas is approaching, and we know that some Nanas like their homes to be beautifully decorated; you can give your Nana these LED lights to light up her house.


39-Bonsai Set 8 Pieces

This eight piece Bonsai set is a great gift for Nana to maintain the plants in her house.


40-Warm Long Shawl 

This Cashmere Shawl comes in various colors; pick the color that you think she is most likely to adore. This gift can keep her warm and will compliment every outfit she puts on!



Whatever you decide to give your sweet Nana, make sure your gift is personal, because our Nanas deserve all the love they can get. It doesn’t matter how small your budget is, we’ve got your back.


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