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10 Funny Boss Gifts- Safe Gift Ideas So You Don't Get Fired

10 Funny Boss Gifts- Safe Gift Ideas So You Don't Get Fired

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Have you struggled with what to get your boss for the holidays, retirement or for his or her birthday? This list of funny gifts for your boss should solve the problem!

Let’s face it, there is no one type of boss. Whether your boss is the techie, the golfer, or the type who loves watching Netflix on the weekends, we believe we’ve cracked the ultimate gift giving formula for your boss. Introducing our very own list of 10 funny gifts for boss!

So here it is...in short, you can never go wrong with giving your boss something that’s customized, personal, and reminds them just why they are awesome (after all, who doesn't like their egos stroked). 

1. Custom Aprons

funny gifts for boss

Beer Apron with Faces Credit: Funny Aprons

For the bosses who enjoy cooking, grilling, or baking, give them the gift of a custom apron. Put your face, their face, their pet’s face, or their partner's face on an apron. And here’s why, seeing a loved one on an apron will guarantee smiles around the kitchen counter or make for a great icebreaker when hosting company. After all, quality time with friends and family usually involves good food.

What’s more, Funny Aprons are made of water-resistant material that saves you from spills. Simply wipe away water, oil, flour, you name it. Plus, they're washing machine friendly! 

Funny Aprons are also equipped with large pockets for grilling utensils, beers, and sauces, adjustable neck straps for different heights, and long waist straps for a range of body types. You can even fit a couple bottles of wine (handy when Q4 hits)!

Customization takes less than two minutes. Once you select how many heads you would like us to crop (up to 3), select the background color, and then choose from 30+ patterns (organized according to theme). Finally, upload your photo and leave any special order notes for our designers. 

Plus, if your boss enjoys spending quality time with the kids cooking or baking, you can customize a matching kid's size apron!

We promise Funny Aprons are unlike any other off-the-shelf apron, and will be a memorable gift that is not only thoughtful and practical, but also budget-friendly, starting at USD 34.95. 

Start customizing your Funny Apron here.

2. Funny Text Aprons

funny text aprons for your boss

Funny Aprons with Text Credit: Funny Aprons

For the boss who loves to crack jokes (and you're obliged to laugh even if they're not that funny), give them the gift of a funny text apron to match their sense of humor. For example, how can you go wrong with a “Take a Pitcher, It Will Last Longer” text apron for the boss who loves beers, or an "I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings" text apron for the boss that has had one too many at  company parties. Even if you have the urge to roll your eyes at their jokes, at least they'll have a good kitchen pun on his or her apron. If you can't find a phrase you are looking for, our team would be happy to create a custom phrase and give you a preview, just email us at hello@buyfunnyaprons.com.

Take a Pitcher, It'll Last Longer

Take a Pitcher, It'll Last Longer

$24.95 USD

Get cooking, grilling, and baking in one of our water-resistant, breathable, and long-lasting aprons. Features Large pocket Adjustable neck strap Water-resistant Durable and breathable material, 100% polyester Cold machine wash, Do not tumble dry or bleach SHIPPING Please note that… read more

3. Custom Koozie

Funny Custom Koozie for Boss

Funny Koozies Credit: Funny Shirts

Help your boss keep his or her beer cold with a fun custom koozie. Upload a photo or a face for cropping, or opt for a funny text design. We promise they’ll come in handy at the bbq during the hot summer months. 

4. Custom Funny Oven Mitts

funny custom oven mitts for your boss

Funny Single Oven Mitts and Double Mitts Credit: Funny Aprons

If your boss isn’t the type to sport an apron, why not gift him or her a pair of custom funny oven mitts or a long custom funny double mitt? They’ll certainly impress Thanksgiving company by presenting the turkey with some fun mitts. Plus, the mitts are thick and soft so the wearer knows they won’t get burned when removing hot items from the oven. We wouldn't want the boss to get upset after all!

5. Custom Funny Pot Holders

funny pot holders for your boss

Funny Pot Holders Credit: Funny Aprons

Everyone needs a pot holder to prevent burning their hands, the countertop, or the dining table (plus, moms will appreciate it!). Give the gift of a custom funny pot holder designed with a family photo or a cropped face on a fun foodie background pattern. 

6. Custom Funny Socks

Funny Custom Socks Credit: Pinterest

You can’t go wrong with a pair of custom socks. Pro tip: baby photos will knock their socks off! He or she will love showing off these bad boys. We admit these have all been the rage recently, however due to their lower price point and novelty value being lost, we think that you can do one better by getting a kitchenware gift for your boss. 

With these custom socks, you can upload your face in a similar fashion to other products on this list. There are also text socks that are pre-printed which you can buy from shops like Walmart or Amazon, but you might seem lazy for getting your boss something unoriginal!

7. Custom Mouse Pad

funny custom mousepad for your boss

Custom Mouse Pad Credit: Shoptriva

Remind the boss of his or her family while at work with a custom mouse pad to boost motivation throughout the day. Write an encouraging message or upload a collage of photos to let them know how much they're loved and appreciated.

8. Personalized Phone Charger

Custom Phone Charger Credit: Netlify.App

This is a great gift for techies who love their gadgets. A practical gift for everyday use, and adding a personal touch with their initials or an inspirational quote, will be appreciated.

9. Custom Photo Puzzle

Puzzle Photo Credit: cathyhannabach.com

Looking for a fun activity as a gift for your boss that's on the safe side? Family photo puzzles or office photo puzzles make for an engaging experience. For the boss who loves brain-teasers, make it extra hard with a black-and-white photograph.

10. DIY Scrapbook

Craft Kit Credit: edespress.wordpress.com

Create a unique scrapbook of company activity photos over the years. Decorate with stickers, inside jokes, quotes, and personal notes. This is definitely taking card making to the next level!


From funny grilling aprons to custom koozies, personalized gifts will always win over your boss and the team. Who said buying funny gifts for your boss was difficult? After all, the boss deserves to feel special, and a thoughtful gift will go a long way.

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