Funny Aprons for Men - Detailed Guide to Gifting Loved Ones

Funny Aprons for Men - Your Guide to Gifting Loved Ones, Hilarious Patterns & More

Funny Aprons for Men - Your Guide to Gifting Loved Ones, Hilarious Patterns & More

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It’s that time of year again: gift-giving time. And while it’s always fun to give, it can also be hard, especially for the men in your life. Are you looking for a gift for the guy who has everything? Or the guy who never asks for anything?

Then look no further than an apron. Okay, an apron may not be the first thought that comes to mind, but they are the perfect gift, especially funny aprons. Think about it - what man doesn’t like to grill, isn’t faced with the task of washing dishes or carving a Thanksgiving turkey? An apron, particularly a funny apron, is the perfect combination of function and whimsy wrapped up in one, easy gift. Even better, there are so many aprons to choose from so you’ll be sure to find the perfect apron for every guy on your list!


Types of Aprons for Men


There are many types of aprons for men, depending on the activity (cooking, gardening), style preference (funny, edgy), material (cotton, leather), and occasion (birthday, father’s day). Here’s a breakdown so you can choose the best apron for the man.


1. Custom Design Aprons

funny apron men with cat

Our Apron Fans wearing an apron of their face with their cat Credit: Funny Aprons

No gift is more personal than a custom one! With a customized apron, you can tailor nearly every detail, from color to pattern to images, to design the perfect gift for every guy. Add images of all the important people in a man’s life - his kids, parents, partner, and even pets! You can also choose pictures of his favorite food or beverage, which are perfect for the kitchen. Take it a step further by adding in his favorite team’s colors or choose his favorite hue. The options are endless! Check out the custom funny aprons here!


2. Text Aprons

dad the myth the legend funny text apron

Funny Apron with Text THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND Credit: Funny Aprons

For the man who always has something funny to say, a text apron is the answer to the perfect (and funny) gift. Even if he’s a man of few words, this gift will do the talking for him. A text apron is basically a funny one-liner or dad joke in culinary form. And with this gift, you’ll beat him to the punch (line). Check out the Funny Text Aprons here.


3. Gag Aprons

funny gag aprons for men

Funny Gag Apron for Men Get It Here

Who said you can’t play with your food? Gag aprons bring an unexpected humor into the kitchen, with a funny image or saying. Give him something to talk about while he’s on the grill, in the kitchen or entertaining guests with an apron that matches his sense of humor. 


4. Beerholder Aprons

beer holder apron for men

Funny Beer Holder Apron for Men Get It Here

What goes better with grilling than a cold beverage? For most men, the answer is likely nothing, and that’s why beerholder aprons exist. This type of apron holds any man’s cold beverage of choice, making the grilling/cooking/baking experience all the more enjoyable. 


5. Leather Aprons

leather apron for men

Leather Apron for Men Get It Here

If funny or customized aprons aren’t his style, then add some sleek polish and edge to the classic apron with leather detail. Leather is a departure from the standard cotton aprons, and while it might not seem like the most obvious material for the kitchen, these aprons aren’t just for cooks. Leather aprons make a great gift for barbers, carpenters or the cool cooks in your life. 


What are Funny Aprons for Men?


An apron is something that can be found in most kitchens, yet, most are generic. Funny aprons are a way to bring some fun and personality into the kitchen experience, no matter the person or the occasion. A funny apron is a way for all chefs to express their individuality and sense of humor.


Funny Aprons offers a mix of function and fun, with endless options to customize and personalize the products. Unlike some other aprons on the market, Funny Aprons’ products are also water-resistant, which is great for kitchen-prone spills, and feature a breathable material that’s also machine washable. All aprons also include adjustable straps and one large pocket, so cooks can keep everything that they need handy! 


When to use Funny Aprons

men apron bbq

Man Enjoying Grilling and BBQ in HIs Apron Credit: Pinterest

Believe it or not, funny aprons for men aren’t just for the kitchen. They can be worn for other activities like gardening, cleaning and washing dishes and even carpentry. Of course, they’re perfect for injecting some fun into everyday cooking and baking, but funny aprons can be appropriate for nearly every cooking-related occasion.


Family gatherings, holidays, tailgating and entertaining at home are all great excuses to break out the apron. Funny aprons will help men have some fun while carving a Thanksgiving turkey, give guests something to talk about at a BBQ and make the experience of grilling on game day more enjoyable. 


Why Buy Aprons for Men 

men apron funny bbq

A Man Seen in His Natural Habitat with His Funny Apron Credit: Pinterest

Humor isn’t the only reason to buy an apron for men; another benefit is function. From the pockets to the durability and the many occasions to wear it, an apron makes a great gift for nearly all men. If you can never find a gift for your spouse or father, an apron is one he can actually use and will like! An apron even makes a great gift when you don’t know who you’re shopping for (like a secret Santa or White Elephant) or if you’re not sure of your giftee’s preferred tastes. With everyone spending more time at home, nearly all men have an opportunity to use an apron at home.


Plus, aprons help with nearly all gift-giving occasions; whether it’s a birthday, father’s day, Christmas or even a housewarming party, an apron is a thoughtful and unique way to give a functional gift. If you’re on the hunt for a practical and memorable gift, make it an apron (or a funny apron)!


Where to Buy Aprons for Men? 


You can find aprons for men at a number of retailers, including cookware stores and specialists, online at Amazon and at other mass retailers, such as Target and Walmart. Where to buy aprons for men will depend on what you’re looking for, including the type. Unlike the generic aprons offered elsewhere, Funny Aprons offers unique and customizable options, which are perfect if you’re looking for funny aprons for men. T


he customizable widget makes it easy to upload the designs, and customers can even see a preview if they email their photos to If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can email to discuss more design creations. In addition to the design features, Funny Aprons products feature durable, machine washable materials that are spill-resistant, adjustable straps and a large pocket.





Hopefully by now you’ve discovered not only the types of aprons for men available, but where to buy them and why they make the perfect gift. Funny aprons for men are always a great gift idea!


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