Funny Aprons for Dad The Ultimate Guide 2020 Designs & More

Funny Aprons for Dad The Ultimate Guide 2020 - Designs & More

Funny Aprons for Dad The Ultimate Guide 2020 - Designs & More

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Have you struggled with what to get Dad for the holidays or for his birthday? Somehow, he never seems to want anything (or from our experience, a card…). But here’s the thing, dads deserve the best after all those years of having your back and telling those bad dad jokes.

And let’s face it, there is no one type of dad. Whether your dad is a techie or the type who loves Sunday football, we’ve cracked the ultimate gift giving formula for dad.

So here it is, you can never go wrong with giving Dad something that’s customized, personal, and reminds him why he’s awesome. Plus, these gifts express all the thoughtful intention behind a hand-written card and more!

Types of Funny Aprons for Dad


1. Custom Photo Aprons


funny apron dad wearing apron with dog

One of our apron fans wearing an apron with a cavoodle Credit: Funny Aprons

For the dad who enjoys cooking, grilling, or baking, give him the gift of a custom apron. Put your face, his face, your pet’s face, or his grandchild’s face on an apron. Seeing a loved one on an apron will guarantee smiles around the kitchen counter. It will also make for a great icebreaker when hosting company. After all, quality time with friends and family usually involves good food.

What’s more, Funny Aprons is made of water-resistant material that saves you from spills. Wipe away water, oil, flour, you name it. And what’s more, they are washing machine friendly!

Funny Aprons are also equipped with large pockets for grilling. It will be handy for utensils, beers, and sauces. The adjustable neck straps will also help dads of all heights, and long waist straps for a range of body types.

Customization takes less than two minutes:

  1. Select how many heads you would like us to crop (up to 3)
  2. Select the background color
  3. Choose from 30+ patterns (organized according to theme)
  4. Upload your photo and leave any special order notes for our designers

Note: If Dad enjoys cooking with his kids, customize a matching kid’s funny apron!

funny aprons for dad with kid

One of our Funny Aprons client with their kids and pets Credit: Funny Aprons

We promise Funny Aprons are unlike any other off-the-shelf apron. It will be a memorable gift that is thoughtful and  budget-friendly, starting at only USD 34.95.

Start customizing your Funny Apron

2. Funny Text Aprons

dad the myth the legend funny text apron

Funny Apron with Text THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND Credit: Funny Aprons

For the dad who loves to crack dad jokes, give him the gift of a funny text aprons to match his sense of humor. How can you go wrong with a “Take a Pitcher, It Will Last Longer” text apron for the beer dad! How about a Best Flippin’ Dad Ever” text apron for the grill master dad? Even though you may have the urge to roll your eyes at his jokes, he’ll at least have a good kitchen pun on his apron.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

$24.95 USD

Get cooking, grilling, and baking in one of our water-resistant, breathable, and long-lasting aprons. Features Large pocket Adjustable neck strap Water-resistant Durable and breathable material, 100% polyester Cold machine wash, Do not tumble dry or bleach SHIPPING Please note that... read more


3. Cartoon Aprons

Cartoon Apron featuring Anime Characters Credit: Walmart

Dads are kids at heart after all. If your Dad is an anime or Marvel fan, then cartoon aprons are for him. You can find predesigned cartoon designs at large retailers such as Walmart or Amazon. But truthfully, we would opt for an apron with a personal touch. Your Dad will probably be more inclined to put on an apron with a loved one’s face on it! There are also some pretend chef aprons that are available as per image below:

chef funny aprons

Chef Cartoon Apron Credit: Walmart

How Will Dad Use the Funny Aprons?

dad with kid bbq in aprons

Father & Daughter Cooking in Aprons Credit: Pinterest

Let’s face it, dads will most likely wear funny aprons when slapping a piece of meat on the barbeque and letting nature take its course. It goes without saying, pockets will make life much easier to store cold beers.


Funny BBQ Aprons to the rescue…

Credit: Funny Aprons Youtube Channel

Grilling can get messy. But the thing is, there’s an easy fix with the right kind of apron. Believe it or not, there are aprons that are water-resistant and better than cotton aprons. It’s easy to prevent oil or sauce from ruining your clothing, have large pockets to fit all your cooking tools and condiments, have adjustable neck straps for your comfort, and are machine wash friendly. We promise they’ll be a godsend when you neck deep in a hot summer bbq session!

When to Buy Dad a Funny Apron


dad daughter gift

Never a Bad Time to Gift Dad an Apron Credit: Pinterest

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, Christmas, his birthday, or just to show him how much you love him, funny aprons (especially custom ones) will show him just how much you appreciate his sense of humor and love. 


Where to Buy Dad Funny Aprons

Aprons are dime a dozen in most stores, generic ones are plentiful in retailers. There are also many different types of materials you can buy them in, ranging from polyester to cotton. However finding customizable aprons that provide a range of different benefits (such as adjustable straps, large pockets and being water resistant) are difficult to come by, hence the reason why we created the Funny Aprons website. Most traditional retailers like Walmart or Target should stock generic aprons that we covered in this blog post.



We hope this guide has been more than you could have ever imagined when it comes to apron expertise! And when it comes to custom aprons, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our lovely team at We’d be honored to create something special for your #1 Dad!



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